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In the new, virtual "TECHNOVATION WORLD - powered by Schobertechnologies" you can discover undreamt-of possibilities for the efficient processing of technical products.


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Rotary finishing technology for high-end products

Schobertechnologies supports their customers with highprecision cutting, creasing and punching tools for the production of premium quality products. Our diversified portfolio includes machinery and equipment for a wide range of industries, from office supplies and hygiene products to the electrical, pharmaceutical, construction and automotive industries. The diversity of our customers reflects the diversity of our solutions.

Labels, tickets and wallets

Transport perforations, register perforations, ATB wallets, parking and airline tickets, airline ticket pockets, inmould labels, blowmould labels, thermoform labels, hole labels, award labels, tea labels, RFID labels, textile labels


Printed circuit boards, air filters, roof tile foil, edge foil for tiles, fuel cells

Electical and pharmaceutical industry, medical technology

Test strips, battery labels, fuel cells, tablets, circuit boards, ostomy bags, compresses, CD cases, disposable syringes, adhesive plasters

Folding boxes, cigarette, liquid and flexible packaging

Opening aids, ventilation openings, transport and register perforations, special perforations, liquid packaging, folding boxes, packaging blanks, viewing windows, tear-open aids, special shape blanks, welded joints, perforations and cuts, stacking and transport devices, folding box lines, closure embossing, logo embossing, hot foil and hologram applicators, pouring openings, blister packaging, pouches, tea sticks, Braille (Braille)

Hygiene products and nonwoven processing

Bandages, nappies, incontinence products, plasters, airlaid, filters

Business forms, security print and office items

Continuous forms, charting forms, folding forms, special forms, tabulating papers, mailing products, form sets, invoice sets, pay envelopes, transfers, bank notes, vector cut, vector perforation, datamailer processor, stamps

Experience Schobertechnologies technology highlights live

Schobertechnologies presents innovative products, solutions and technologies at all industry-relevant trade fairs worldwide. We look forward to meeting you in person at a trade fair and presenting our innovations. Visit us at one of our trade fair stands and experience our trade fair highlights live on site.

Luzern | FEB 27 – MAR 03 2023


Hunkeler Innovationdays

Munich | mar 14 – mar 26 2023



Genf | APR 18 – Apr 21 2023



Dusseldorf | MAY 04 – MAY 10 2023



Stuttgart | MAY 23 – MAY 25 2023


Battery Show

Brussels | SEPT 11 – SEPT 14 2023



Technovation made by Schobertechnologies



The RSM-IML rotary cutting machines from Schobertechnologies are among the most advanced and efficient machines for the production of inmould labels worldwide. With the RSM410 IML/MX-DIGI-VARICUT, Schobertechnologies has developed a technically highly complex rotary cutting machine for the production of IML labels, which represents the perfect and economical solution for medium and small production runs.



Schobertechnologies stands for innovative high-performance solutions and the efficient processing of technical products. With the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT, a new machine is now being introduced that has been specially developed for processing digitally printed films and packaging materials. The RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT creases and cuts IML labels and folding cartons highly efficiently making it the perfect and economical solution for your production.


Do you have any questions about our rotary cutting machines or the range of services offered by Schobertechnologies? Then please do not hesitate to contact our competent and technically experienced experts. We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to provide you with individual and personal advice.